G1 Wonder Mask

The graphen-silver NM membrane used in G1 Wonder Mask is breathable, washable, reusable, pollution resistant, anti-odor and destroys 99% virus and bacteria in just seconds of contact. The membrane continuously…

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Graphene Based Mask

Most of the masks available in the market use excessive graphene. Using only graphene, without proper functionalization leads to poor binding with the textile fibers in the mask resulting in…

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Graphene AC Filter

G1 Air Conditioner Filters not only protects you from dust and pollution but, actively destroy airborne viruses & bacteria. This filter has a layer of NM grapehen membrane which uses Graphene-Silver nanotechnology to protect…

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Graphene Technology

HVAC-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System installed in public places for centralized air conditioning is very efficient in circulating conditioned air, but they are equally effective in distributing any airborne viral/bacterial…

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Nano Technology

Nanotechnology has always been synonym to miniscule things. In the past, with the introduction of the nanotechnology era, it was all about the synthesis of nanomaterials and discovering the amazing potentials that…

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G1 AC Filter

G1 AC Filters will not just protect you from dust and pollution but will actively destroy airborne viruses & bacteria. This has a layer of NM graphene membrane that uses Graphene-Silver nanotechnology to protect you from viruses…

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