The Science

Graphene, a wonder material discovered just few years ago has limitless applications across almost all the industries and is set to redefine the course of next generation advanced materials.

Nanomatrix Materials, an R&D focused company is evolving as the specialist in integration of graphene into number of applications, enhancing their properties extraordinarily including domains such as filtration, polymers, construction, energy and textiles through the power of graphene-nanotechnology. A number of patents in different fields has been applied and many more are in pipeline.

Innovation doesn’t stop at shop floor until it reaches the end users, the consumers. With these thoughts, the times in early 2020s needed major attention in order to stop the transmission globally that led us to dig deeper into the causes.

We identified 3 key areas which are responsible for most transmission of infections and started working on providing a long term and safe solution, a material that would be able to serve purpose ie killing the pathogens all these 3 levels.

  1. Person-to-Person – Especially when mask is not worn.
  2. Person to surrounding air – The infected person spreads the pathogens in the air and it remains airborne making it more vulnerable for infection to others especially in closed rooms / spaces.
  3. Person to Surface – Infected person through cough or not washing the hands contaminates the near surroundings like door knobs, handle, chair, lifts etc. which when other person touches is gets contaminated too.

Our novel innovation, Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology was introduced in the G1 Wonder Masks for the first time in the world that destroys viruses and bacteria in seconds upon contact. The technology has been tested with number of viruses and bacteria at NABL certified laboratories. Graphene, since it is single layer of atom (not dissolvable molecule), stays of the surface for long making these washable, providing antimicrobial and pollution resistance.

Moving on to the secondary source, ie the surrounding air, the company introduced range of G1 Air Conditioner Filters that using Graphene-silver nanotechnology which purifies in room air including sterilizing airborne microbes along with filtration of dust particles and reduced harmful VOC/gases.

Another source of contamination ie surfaces around you are also one of the major reasons of transmission where daily sanitization is required, in some cases hourly. G1 SurfaceX, is the solution for long term protection at most surfaces. With the simple spray on the desired surface as per the prescribed applications, graphene-silver again being in the form of nearly invisible sheets sticks to the surface and stays on them for more than 90 days, depending on the use case / conditions.

Graphene- The enabling material
Some of the amazing properties of graphene that makes it a league apart from any other material known to mankind are as follows:

  • Large surface are to volume ratio: due to the 2D morphology, it has one of the highest surface areas among all the materials knows.
  • Customizable shape, size and chemical nature: the synthesis process can be decided to achieve the required type of graphene with respect to the application.
  • Excellent conductivity: graphene has both exceptionally high thermal and electrical conductivity owing to the free electrons on its surface. For eg: thermal conductivity of graphene is > 5000 W.m-1. K-1compared to ~2000W.m-1.K-1 for graphite.
  • Mechanical strength: due to the hexagonal lattice of the graphene sheet, graphene has been touted as the strongest material and is ~200 times stronger than steel and ~5 times lighter than aluminium.

Graphene’s sharp atom-thin edges rips apart bacterial and virus cells. Other than that, it filters out contaminants from the air.

With all these exceptional properties and remarkable applications, Graphene has been rightly called a revolutionary material and the research has barely scratched the surface of what this “Wonder Material” has to offer.

The applications of graphene are limitless, ranging from electronics to filtration, from energy to construction and from coating to sensors. The applications of graphene have no bounds. These wide ranging applications of graphene in every field is because owes of the outstanding properties of the graphene sheet. For example, when being used in “filtration and purification” (air, water and oil) domain, the large surface area and functional groups on the graphene’s surface plays a key role; however, when the “energy” application of graphene are being studied, the interlayer distance between the graphene sheets as well as its electrical conductivity plays the key role. The type of graphene used (varied physical and chemical nature) varies with the particular application at hand.

Tested at the following Labs for different Microbes
SITRA, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, Biotech Testing Services, ITS Laboratories, CEG Test House
** Tested at government approved lab
 as per ISO 20743 & ISO 18184 with anti-microbial activity.

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