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NM Materials is a nano and advanced material manufacturer which uses proprietary disruptive graphene technology and its integration into smart applications. NM Material is an Indian Nanotechnology company with a unique presence to build a global intellectual property portfolio to revolutionize the ‘Science of Future’.

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Our focus is on application of the Nanomaterials in areas and industries which are critical in development of an economy. The application of Nanotechnology along with our expertise will help in increasing capacity and accelerating growth towards a sustainable living.

Our investment in technology, constant innovation, manufacturing facility and a certain level of automation helps us stay ahead of the competition. We have been investing in the latest production technologies to suffice the growing needs of our customers. We match high quality standards and deliver unmatched engineered material.

We work closely with various industries to understand their issues and apply our knowledge and experience in Nanotechnology to solve their problems and reach their goals. We partner with customers in many industrial domains such as filtration, polymer, construction, energy and textile to solve their unique challenges. Our team act’s as an external department for direct support to industries which require expert counselling in Nanotechnology.

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