NM Membrane for Mask

NM Membrane for Mask

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NM Face Mask Membranes are Anti-microbial and have one of the best filtration efficiency on airborne particles, thus gives protection from most bacterial and viral infections that are spread through air. NM Membranes (Patent pending) are coated with Graphene – Silver Nano composite.

Graphene is a revolutionary 2D Nano material which has excellent filtration properties since its layers are as low as 1 atom thin arranged in a honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms making it almost impermeable for airborne pathogens to pass through.

At NM Material, we are committed to providing as much technical expertise and support as we can to our customers worldwide. Fibers are coated with anti-microbial graphene nano-composite which kills bacteria, filters particulate matter and removes odor.


  • World’s First Graphene Mask with Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology
  • Anti-Viral: Graphene-Silver Technology effectively neutralizes the viruses. Tested on Measles Morbillvirus (single-stranded, enveloped, RNA virus)
  • Anti-Bacterial: Kills 99% bacteria. Tested on Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli
  • High Breathable Material
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 99%
  • High Filtration efficiency for protection in many environments
  • Resists Particulate Matter
  • Washable


  • Personal
  • Medical
  • Industrial


  • SITRA, Coimbatore
  • CEG Test House, Jaipur


  • Place the membrane inside the mask (between 2 ply’s making it a 3 ply mask)
  • Secure sealing into the mask


Material Polyester, Graphene Nanocomposite
Color Grey/Black
Size 7inches X 5inches
Weight 2.3g/Membrane
Washable More than 50 gentle washes
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